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Founded in 2019 in Miami, Florida, we at Passionate Edge believe in love and the importance of marriage. Wedding ceremonies have been a symbol of commitment and faithfulness for centuries, and it’s not just about having a beautiful ceremony. A happy and healthy marriage is the foundation of a strong relationship, and as such, we believe it is essential to invest in giving couples the tools they need to create a successful marriage. 

At Passionate Edge, we believe your wedding day should be a fading memory of blissful joy. Because of this, we offer comprehensive wedding planning and officiating services to ensure your day is extraordinary and unforgettable. No matter what ceremony you want, our experienced team is here with you every step, from “I do” to the final farewell. We will craft every detail of your day – so that all left for you is to relax, enjoy and bask in the memories. Make sure each moment for you, your family, and your friends will be reflected on for years to come– one you will look back on with fond memories. 

At a wedding ceremony, expressing love can take many forms, from funny poems to heartwarming speeches about the couple’s journey together. As a result-driven business consultant and founder of Passionate Edge, I, Gerardine, am obsessed with making your wedding events unforgettable through comprehensive planning and execution. With Passionate Edge as your wedding officiant, our speech can begin with a love story about how the couple met and how their love blossomed over time. Through witty anecdotes and heartfelt words, the officiant will celebrate the union of two people and the joys of being in love. This sentiment is further echoed in the marriage vows taken by both partners (for which we assist), where they pledge to be faithful and loyal to each other until death do them part. Such promises indicate what true love stands for – unconditional acceptance, mutual respect, and support no matter what life brings them. 

In addition, we provide relationship coaching so couples can build solid foundations for their future together through understanding communication styles, learning how to express emotions openly, understanding each other’s love languages better, and finally, working on building positive conflict resolution strategies for when disagreements arise down the road. We know that marriage is an ever-evolving journey, so through our coaching sessions, we hope that couples can establish strong connections with each other to grow their relationship further into something beautiful and lasting! 

Everyone deserves a chance at a loving and healthy relationship, and with the help of our coaching services, we can help you to achieve that. 

At Passionate Edge, our mission is to help couples create long-lasting and harmonious relationships. We provide support and guidance to those who are embarking on a journey of marriage and those who are already married. With our coaching, we can help you to become the best version of yourself in a relationship and to achieve true happiness. So, if you’re looking for a wedding officiant, wedding planner, or relationship coaching services, get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you on your journey of love. 

I look forward to hearing from you and helping make your Wedding Ceremony the event of a lifetime! 

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