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Coach Services- Life Coach (45 mins)

Price: Starting from $100

Someone you can count on!

When you set priorities and get guidance, we can help you achieve your goals and adjust to certain life circumstances and obstacles. Methods of coping, motivation, and reinforcement of positive behaviors.

Career Coach (45 mins)

Price: $100

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Relationship Coaching (60 mins)

Price: $200

  • As a professional relationship coach, I assist individuals and couples in developing critical relating skills, particularly in marriages and romantic relationships. The purpose of relationship coaches is to help you learn how to resolve conflict and develop tools to enhance intimacy and pleasure in your relationship.
  • Discounted for couples getting married and 1 session!


Gerardine has Bachelors in Business & Psychology from Keiser University.

Currently Pursuing Masters in Mental Health with Walden University. Possess Medical background in Medical field and provides great resources and empathy and healthy neutral practices

About Me

Entrepreneur, Mother, Mentor,Business Owner . Raised from a Immigrant Haitian background household born in America and a well verse background and experience with culture and Traditions. Gerardine is all about Love Respect and Family and wants to educate and cultivate all communities by being passionate and committed to her work.

The goal is to bring unity and harmony. Help give back and break cycles.Maintain relationships

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